Green Fury

Green Fury realized that our society supports an industry that is lying us and is making us literally sick.

We think that we, as a society, have to return to a simple, natural and additives free way of living to get rid of the modern and chronic diseases that overload our existence and are absolutely avoidable

We believe that the food of our past is also the food of our future. We also believe that we build our health with our fork (& knife & spoon!)!

The good news is that changing is possible! There are alternatives that are simple, inexpensive and accessible to all of us! But for society to change, change must begin with each of us. Green Fury would like to participate in the change, one workshop at a time!

Our specialty is fermentation. It contributes significantly to our health and allows us to preserve seasonal food for off-season consumption. And you know what? That’s how our grandparents did! And you know what else? Fermented foods are much richer in vitamins than fresh foods! Everyone knows “sauerkraut”, but the field of fermentation is so much wider: sourdough, kefir, kombucha, and so much more!

Green Fury do not just focus on fermentation, we share our knowledge for the promotion of a healthy, chemical-free way of living. From homemade play doh to homemade household products, from gluten-free, nutritious food to deliciously sparkling drinks, have fun while learning these little gestures that will change your life!

We are based in Oslo (Norway), but we are international! Roots in France and Quebec, one foot in Norway, another on the rest of the world. The modern world has not only faults! Accessible transport and communication technologies allow us to move easily and to offer our workshops remotely thanks to the internet!

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Livia and Marina from Green Fury!


Green Fury is:

  • 100% anti-diets!
  • 100% anti-chemical on our plates!
  • 100% anti-drug!